domain:ildg-usqcd ensemble collaboration:lhpc action:anisotropicwilsongluon beta:5.5 group:su(3) action:anisotropicwilsonquark volume:32^3x96

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XPath Value
files/ markovChain/ markovChainURI mc://USQCD/LHPC/aniso/wilson/NF2/wl_32_96_5p5_x2p38_um0p4148
management/ ensembleLabel wl_32_96_5p5_x2p38_um0p4148
projectName SPECTRUM
collaboration LHPC
archiveHistory None
management/ physics/ action/ gluon/ anisotropicWilsonGluonAction/ glossary
xi0 2.38
beta 5.5
gluonField/ anisoDirection T
gluonField/ boundaryCondition/ elem ['periodic', 'periodic', 'periodic', 'periodic']
gluonField/ boundaryCondition/ representation fundamental
gaugeGroup SU(3)
management/ physics/ action/ gluon/ quark/ anisotropicWilsonQuarkAction/ glossary
numberOfFlavours 2
xi0 2.38
anisoDirection T
quarkField/ boundaryCondition/ elem ['periodic', 'periodic', 'periodic']
quarkField/ boundaryCondition/ normalisation unity
quarkField/ mass -0.4148
nu 1
management/ physics/ action/ size/ elem/ T 96
management/ physics/ action/ size/ elem/ X 32
management/ physics/ action/ size/ elem/ Y 32
management/ physics/ action/ size/ elem/ Z 32
management/ physics/ algorithm/ glossary
exact true
name HMC_2Flavour_Hasenbusch_Preconditioning
reference Comput.Phys.Commun. 174 (2006) 87-98